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E-Space at the JPEG workshop on Privacy and Security

by Frederik Temmermans, iMinds


jpeg-logoOn the 13th of October 2015, the Joint Pictures Experts Group (JPEG) organised a workshop in Brussels on privacy and security support for image data. Privacy and security is becoming steadily more important seen the fact that image collections are increasingly more stored in distributed and cloud repositories rather than in private repositories. Moreover, social media and online photo repositories, for example, are currently offering insufficient means to secure privacy-sensitive information carried by the picture or to signal associated IPR metadata.

Privacy and security concerns and handling IPR is critical when dealing with digitised cultural heritage content; hence they are an important focus of the E-Space project. An overview of state of the art solutions and standards was presented during the IPR workshop taking place in March 2015 in Coventry (UK).

During the JPEG workshop in Brussels roles were reversed. JPEG experts wanted to learn from actors in the field about their needs related to privacy and security and as such shape the development of future standards. The workshop was targeted on understanding industry, user and policy needs in terms of technology and supported functionalities.

As such, it comes as no surprise that E-Space was well represented during this event. Peter Schelkens and Frederik Temmermans from iMinds are both members of the organising committee; Charlotte Waelde and Fred Truyen, from the University of Exeter and KU Leuven respectively, delivered a presentation during the workshop.

Presentation by Charlotte Waelde, entitled “Cultural Heritage, Copyright and Code: Europeana Space as a case study” focused on lessons learned during the E-Space project related to dealing with intellectual property right in the cultural heritage sector.

Fred Truyen's presentation, “Publishing Archival Photographs: concerns, pitfalls and their technical implications” (PDF, 4.5 Mb), gave an overview of the experienced challenges related to providing public access to photographic content and announced the E-Space Photography Hackathon on February 2016.


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