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E-Learning 2016: New Strategies and Trends

This conference seeks to anticipate the future of education, offering a critical inside look into the current trends and resources being used in teaching and learning environments.

The 2016 e-learning strategies and trends will be explored through the presentation of case studies, practical applications and the analysis of data related to students', faculties' and organizations' performance.

Professors and researchers from all over the world are invited to participate in the conference to present their research and field experiences and get updated on the latest trends and innovations in e-learning.

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The event provides teachers and experts the unique opportunity to contribute to this global vision of shaping the future of learning.


  • Learning Analytics: how to use data to benefit students, teachers and administrators

  • Games and simulations as new problem-solving tools

  • Customized learning: personalized and responsive feedback system

  • Creative, collaborative and video-based learning

The conference will be jointly organized by the University of the Basque Country, Madrid Open University and GUIDE Association, leading institutions in the field of e-learning and technology-based education.

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