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Export date: Wed Oct 4 2:48:33 2023 / +0000 GMT

DPFManager version 3.1 available to download



DPF Manager has been updated to version Version 3.1. This new version includes new features, improvements and bugfixes. One important change on this release is that we have created two new independent projects for the implementation checker and the policy checker with the aim of improving the project modularity. All the projects developed by Easy Innova can be explored in our Github repository, and also in the Maven repository.

New Features

  • Create and edit configuration files through the CLI

  • Create new configuration based on an existing one


  • Improved performance for large batches of files

  • Moved relexation of standards from implementation checker to policy checker

  • Created separate repositories for Implementation Checker and Policy Checker

  • Updated TIFF-IT specification

  • Default configuration viewable

  • Smaller global reports


  • Solved memmory leaks produced when analyzing large amount of files

  • Much more robustness against invalid TIFFs

  • Fixed periodical checker bug in MacOS

  • When an output folder is specified, check if it already exists and ask to overwrite

  • Show the correct reports folder in the log messages

  • Several fixes in METS report

  • Uninstaller now removes all the files (when asked to)

Many of these points have been suggested by the users. So don't hesitate to use the issue tracker or any of the other channels available (twitter, forum) to contact us and provide any feedback on things that could be improved.


Download NOW! Available for Mac OS X, Linux & Windows.
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