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Export date: Wed Dec 6 2:21:21 2023 / +0000 GMT

DPF Manager 3.4 available to download



A lot of improvements and new features have been included in the new release of the DPF Manager.

The most important changes are the inclusion of a Quick Check functionality that allows to perform a fast validation of the files, which can be later analyzed in more detail if desired performing a full check. Also, the reports now include hints that explain how to fix them (whenever possible). A new metadata fix has been added to solve ascii encodings (a common baseline error, that is produced by many softwares and operating systems). And now, the PDF reports can be seen directly from the GUI (instead of opening an external PDF viewer).

This release also includes some minor improvements and a set of bugfixes, that can be seen in the github page and the list of issues closed in the current milestone.

The benchmarking tool anounced in the past release is in progress and will be ready in the release of July.