Digital meets Culture
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Double event in Lisbona: IPRES2013 and DC2013


IPRES 2013 is the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, and its topic include:

Innovation in Digital Preservation: Novel Challenges and Scenarios; Innovative Approaches; Preservation at Scale; Domain-specific Challenges (Cultural Heritage, Technical and Scientific Processes and Data, Engineering Models and Simulation, Medical Records, Corporate Processes and Recordkeeping, Web Archiving, Personal Archiving, e-Procurement, etc.);

Systems Life-cycle: Specific Digital Preservation Requirements and Implications in Modeling, Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance;

Governance: Risk Analysis; Audit, Trust and Certification, Trusted Repositories; Information/Data Quality;

Business Models and Added-value of Digital Preservation: Benefits Analysis, Emerging Exploitation Scenarios, Long-Tail of Digital Preservation;

Theory of Digital Preservation: Interdisciplinary Modeling, Representation Concepts, Incentive Structures,

Case Studies and Best Practices: Processes, Metadata, Systems, Services, Infrastructures;

Training and Education.



DC-2013 will deeply explore questions regarding the persistence, maintenance, and preservation of metadata and descriptive vocabularies. The need for stable representations and descriptions spans all sectors including cultural heritage and scientific data, eGovernment, finance and commerce. Thus, the maintenance and management of metadata is essential to address the long term availability of information of legal, cultural and economic value.

The events are jointed and take place in Lisbona.

Further information:

IPRES2013: official website

DC2013: official website