Digital meets Culture
Export date: Wed Feb 21 19:40:16 2024 / +0000 GMT

DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museum: presentation of the pilots and final outcomes

DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museum aims to set up a framework for sustainable digital transformations in the cultural sector. The project kicked off in October 2021 and run until September 2023 conducting a two-stage incubation programme for museums including a comprehensive research plan with public outputs. The initiators of DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museums are Ars ElectronicaMUSEUM BOOSTER and Ecsite - European network of science centres and museums.

The stories of the incubated projects and a wrap up of the initiative and its outcomes will be presented in a final event online on 29 September 2023 h. 10-12.30

The successful conclusion of DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museums is celebrated with a final e-publication in which the great, the difficult, and rewarding moments of the project are narrated to contribute to the collective knowledge of the museum sector. This final publication, Breaking the Digital Ceiling - Key Insights from DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museums addresses facilitators, museums, and policymakers alike with findings that can help small museums break the digital ceiling and stay relevant in their communities in the future.

Another key outcome of the project is a Self reflection tool that invites museum practitioners and teams to a playful and collaborative self-reflection exercise in which they look at the digital maturity levels of their museum and collectively formulate visions for the future. The tool is designed as a printable card deck with instructions on running the exercise with a team.

A full list of the pilot projects and their descriptions can be found at: