DISH: conference about Digital Strategies for Heritage





Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the strategies that heritage institutions can follow.

Triggered by changes in society, heritage organisations face many challenges and need to make strategic decisions about their activities and services. The key motivators for the conference are inspiration, knowledge, skills and networking.


Success Stories

The choice to dedicate an international conference to digital strategies for heritage has proved to be a valid one. With over 600 participants in 2009, the first DISH conference was an instant success. DISH2009 put topics like business model innovation, education and service oriented digitisation at the forefront.

The importance of these topics has only increased since that first conference, as can be seen in the digitisation policy of the European Commission. The DISH concept appealed to the Brazilian heritage community, and in September 2011, the Brazilian edition of the conference, DISH Brasil, has taken place. DISH and Europeana have formed a strategic alliance to provide a platform for archives, libraries, museums and other heritage institutions to conceive and discuss joint digital strategies.

On a national level, DISH2009 saw the launch of a Dutch community platform on business model innovation in cultural heritage. DISH2011 promises to be the leading international conference on future developments in digital heritage.


The programme

The full programme of DISH2011 is available online. An overview of all activities during the 2 conference days can be downloaded as a PDF schedule: programme DISH2011 (PDF).


Parallel sessions

For your convenience, we compiled all of the information from the online schedule into one compact sessions descriptions file (PDF).



See you at DISH2012!

See acknowledgments on the official website.

For further information:

  • DISH website
  • Download the complete programme of the meeting (PDF, 261 Kb)

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