Digital Echoes Symposium 2014


C-DareCoventry University Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) is pleased to announce the Digital Echoes symposium 2014.

Wednesday 8 January 2014; 10 am – 5 pm

Convenors:  Professor Sarah Whatley (Coventry University) and Dr Sarah Atkinson (University of Brighton)

Digital Echoes 2014 builds on the previous three ‘Digital Echoes’ events and will bring together researchers, artists, educators, professionals and practitioners from the field of digital archives and the archiving of practice with an emphasis upon Art, Design, Media, Film and Performing arts disciplines. The focus will be on expanding dialogues across the arts and humanities to explore the affordances of digital technologies upon archival practices.

Within digital archival practices, there is a notable shift from the closed to the open and from the traditional single-user archive model to emerging multi-user, collaborative forms of archival practices and scholarship. The digital preservation and presentation of archival materials dramatically impacts upon the nature and notion of access. The types of discoveries, insights and findings that can be made through online digital interfaces can be radically altered. This event is part funded by ERDF and supported by Creative Enterprise.

This year the symposium is jointly hosted with the University of Brighton.

Keynote by
Antonella Fresa (“A European perspective on digital cultural heritage” (PDF, 440 Kb)

Presentations by
Julia Knight | Simon Popple & Tony Ageh | Steve Hawley | Robert Knifton | Micheal Pearson | Jez Collins & Paul Long | Louise Ritchie | Fabiana Barticioti | Kelly Preece, Matthew Gough & Tim Halliday | Hetty Blades | David Bennett | Alex Herod

For more information on this event visit or contact 

Call for proposals invited to contribute presentations focused on any aspect of digital archives, that consider national and international collections, which might focus on archival strategies, policy, copyright and education, and which consider technological aspects of digital archiving including the semantic web, analytics, meta-data, tagging and time-based meta-data.

We are interested in encouraging contributions from a range of contexts, originating from academic research, policy making and from the archival professions. We are also particularly interested in contributions that examine the impact on digital archiving practices on teaching and learning within a higher education context.

Presenters will also be invited to submit to a special issue of Convergence (Vol. 21, no 1), edited by Sarah Atkinson and Sarah Whatley, that focuses on this same theme:  Digital Archives and Open Archival Practices.

Submission of full papers to the Editors by February 28 2014. Full details about how to submit are available here: 

Further information about the day and how to register to attend the event can be found on the C-DaRE website: or email


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