Digital meets Culture
Export date: Wed Jul 6 13:59:14 2022 / +0000 GMT

Destination / Journey - experimental art exhibition

Destination / Journey is an experimental art exhibition that showcases the process behind new original artworks that incorporate AI in the process. This unique exhibition pushes audiences into a future in which creativity, technology, and commerce converge, while reflecting on the journey that got us there.

With featured artists Qinza Najm, Barry Despenza, Mattia Cuttini and Anthromorph, the exhibition features a diverse group of artists and incorporate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Audiences will be privy to a new experience through this shoppable art exhibition.

Visit the exhibition:

Through the platform it is also possible to purchase the artworks. All of the products are original artworks created by artists in collaboration with artificial intelligence. All artworks are limited editions with certificate of authenticity.