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David Hockney, born in 1937, is nowadays considered one of the biggest and most important artists of the century, maybe the greatest of all. Although closely associated with Pop Art and California, where he has lived for much of his life, his latest works redefine him as an important painter of the English countryside. Hockney has returned to painting in the open air and his works express the splendor and the brightness of nature in Yorkshire at the time of spring's arrival.

His exhibition at Royal Academy in London definitely reveals how Hockney has embraced new technology, including his early use of the Polaroid, his innovative use of the colour photocopier, and more recently his iPhone and iPad.

Photography and digital media were a part of his creative process since the beginning, as he made increasing use of photography for purposes of documentation, and later, for creating new artworks. His Polaroid collages are worldwide famous but more recently he discovered the wonderful possibilities of iPad's app Brush.

He seems really enthusiast of the flexibility and opportunities for enhancing the artist's inspiration which he found into such a cheap application: it allows to paint with fingertips on the iPad screen, using a  thinner or bigger stroke, blending colors, adjusting light effects. It collects all the painter's tools into a pocket-size device and the painter is free to work and fix his inspiration every time and everywhere, with no need of having toil, crayons, water, temperas. Hockney believes that most of the artists of the past, as Van Gogh and Picasso, would be delighted by this advanced, thus easy-to-use, tool.

The London exhibition, which centerpiece is an oil painting 15 meters big, includes a display of his iPad drawings and a series of new films produced using 18 cameras, which are displayed on multiple screens and provide a spellbinding visual journey through the eyes of David Hockney.

On 24th January, David Hockney is joined in London by exhibition curator Marco Livingstone for a special evening of conversation that focuses on Hockney's extended exploration of old and new technologies. It seems that the topic is interesting enough to make the event immediately sold out!

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