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Export date: Sat Apr 20 22:13:59 2024 / +0000 GMT

D8.5 Final Prototype Report

This deliverable presents the results of the second part of the Prototyping phase in the PREFORMA project, thereby to some extent also summarising the outcomes of this phase in its entity. The document consists of two parts:

The first part (chapters 1 to 3) gives the overall context, including the aims and objectives of the second part of the Prototyping phase. It also reports on formal procedures, like the discussions with the suppliers and internally in the PREFORMA Consortium, and presents specific issues of general nature in more depth.

The second part (chapters 4 to 5) focuses on the results achieved during the Prototyping phase, particularly its second part, but also on progress in the development of the PREFORMA prototypes, which will be further advanced in the Testing and validation phase.