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D8.2 Design – First Report

This deliverable is considered to be the report on the activities related to the preparation and procedure of the design phase #1. This first phase of the suppliers' work started with the design, the definition, and the specification of the functional and the technical part of their preparatory work according to the call for tender, the submissions (description of work) of the six winning supplier teams and consortia, and the following negotiation phase between the PREFORMA consortium and each supplier. The document will thus include a description and the basic statements related to all phases of WP5 (Design phase 1) including references and methodologies for:

  • Short summary of the negotiation phase procedure.

  • Suppliers' functional and technical specification work.

  • Basic statements of the end of phase one report.

  • PREFORMA first lessons learned from the design phase.

  • Procedure of the evaluation of the suppliers' documentation.

  • Preparation of the decision making process and underlying procedures.

  • Decisions made by PREFORMA consortium.

The previous task 8.1 laid the foundation for evaluation strategy for comparing the results of the suppliers, at the end of the design phase. The evaluation framework has been defined in D8.1, based on contributions of the technical partners as well as of the memory institutions. The strategy negotiated and established in T8.1, and consequently described in D8.1 was used as an input for evaluating the suppliers' results at the end of the Design phase 1 to select the (number of) suppliers who will continue the execution of the tender.

This document is thus intended to include all useful information for the internal and external work process as well as to give an idea on how PCP does work and how the evaluation in PREFORMA will be performed.

After a brief introduction to the general approach and methodology (Chapter 1), the first part (Chapters 2, 3) summarises the outcomes of the evaluation of the 16 proposals received last year (2014) and of the negotiation process, until the formal decision to award a contract to the 6 suppliers who worked in the design phase.

The second part (Chapter 4, 5) builds on the results of the work with the suppliers as well as the work of the suppliers themselves. It is based on the submitted results of the six supplier consortia, and indicates the results that they have achieved.

The third part (Chapters 6, 7) addresses the way (methods, measures, principles) the PREFORMA consortium members and the external reviewers did the formal review, the evaluation, and the preparatory work for decision making on the specification work with a particular focus on the evaluation final stage resulting in decisions on which suppliers to invite for the bid to eventually participate in the prototype phase.

The last part (Chapters 8, 9) is dedicated to the preparation and the decision on which of the suppliers to invite for submitting the bid for the prototype phase.