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Export date: Sat Mar 6 23:28:18 2021 / +0000 GMT

D3.7.1 Initial version of Sustainability and Exploitation Plan

This deliverable describes the initial version of the sustainability and exploitation plan of PREFORMA, including a preliminary impact assessment conducted through an analysis of the level of activity generated in the community, of the test cases carried out so far and of the results of a survey circulated to the memory institutions participating to the project, both as partners and as associate partners within the network of common interest.

The following communities have been considered in relation to their expected engagement in exploiting the PREFORMA applications:

  • the open-source community of researchers and developers interested in contributing to the code;

  • memory institutions willing to integrate the PREFORMA software in their infrastructure;

  • the community of enterprises interested in PREFORMA tools and in developing services around them (first of all the suppliers working in the project);

  • the standardization bodies looking for feedback on how to improve and advance the specifications of the standard file formats.