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D3.4 – Open Source Workshop

Deliverable D3.4 reports on the Open Source Workshop that was based on the availability of the first prototype on the Open Source Portal and the results of the first demonstration organised by the suppliers.

The workshop was organised by the PREFORMA project on 7 April 2016 in Stockholm and was hosted by Kungliga Biblioteket. The overall structure for the full day workshop was to devote the morning session to presentations and the afternoon session to interaction and discussion amongst workshop participants. To address the fundamental community aspects of open source in the archival domain and in memory institutions involved in (or planning) digital preservation initiatives, the PREFORMA team invited Peter Bubestinger as a keynote speaker. To address the licensing aspects of open source, the PREFORMA team invited Dr. Till Jaeger as a keynote speaker.

The aim for the morning session was to convey an overview of the PREFORMA project and insights concerning key challenges for successful open source development as perceived by the two keynote speakers. The aim for the afternoon session was to report on development efforts undertaken by PREFORMA suppliers, with highlights on open source tools being developed, and to offer suppliers an opportunity for exhibiting their tools to workshop participants. A further goal during the afternoon was to further stimulate interaction and dialogue between suppliers' representatives and other workshop participants.

The workshop facilitated a unique opportunity for attendees to raise different issues and challenges of specific interest with suppliers' representatives, PREFORMA partners' representatives, the invited speakers, and other workshop participants. During discussions, several attendees established valuable contacts and networking amongst participants was highly appreciated. For the suppliers, the interactive networking session gave many opportunities for disseminating and communicating their efforts to the broader communities, including potential adopters of open source software developed in PREFORMA.