Digital meets Culture
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Culture as fundamental asset for development

José Manuel Suárez [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

José Manuel Suárez [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Next 15 July, at the venue of Expo Venice, DiCultHer and Only Italia are presenting their catalogue-programme of cultural events taking place in the Expo framework during the next months. The catalogue arises from the partnership between the Networked School in Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities (DiCultHer indeed) and the Only Italia platform.

Culture is to be considered fundamental asset for development and international relations; this is why, in the context of a business exhibition such as Expo, DiCultHer and Only Italia intend to show many of the beautiful things surrounding our daily life and explain to the interlocutors (business visitors, delegates from local and national governments) that culture is a strategic investment, which intelligently implemented can support development and relations among communities.

During the meeting, the project for a “Week of the digital culture” will be presented too. Aimed at promoting the digital technological innovation in the cultural heritage, arts and humanities' sector, this project is addressed towards the general public and in particular to the school environment; its first edition will focus on the Expo Venice themes, to “spread the essential role of water and of navigating seas and oceans, as metaphor of knowledge and cultural growth, which involves the passage from the analogue to the digital cultural era".

[Download the press release by DiCultHer (Italian language)]

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