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Cultural Heritage, Resilience and Sustainable Urban Regeneration at Mannheim2020

The 9th edition of the European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, is organised as a virtual event from today 30 September to 2 October 2020.  It brings together local and regional leaders, European and international institutions and some of the brightest minds working on cutting edge research, businesses and the civil society to forge a more sustainable Europe.

The third day, from 9:30 till 11:00 CET, the session “Re-Inventing Heritage for Sustainable Urban Regeneration', will offer the opportunity to share first-hand examples of how cultural heritage serves as a driver for the sustainable regeneration of urban areas.

In particular, the session will explore how cultural heritage has the potential to enable new forms of collaboration and cultural production, to support cities to cope with future challenges, creating the conditions to carry out sustainable adaptive reuse projects. Participants will also discuss how cultural heritage can contribute to strengthening the resilience of communities. In this contest, ROCK experience with sustainable urban regeneration will be presented by Erica Albarello (Project Manager). The speech will focus on Turin's views on how heritage, culture and creativity are relevant for the sustainable development of the City, specifically looking at the examples of adaptive heritage reuse initiatives co-developed together with local community groups. Cristina Garzillo from ICLEI, will co-moderate the session.

For joining the session, registration is required.

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