Digital meets Culture
Export date: Sat Dec 9 6:27:10 2023 / +0000 GMT

Coventry University launches digital library to celebrate city’s cultural history

An online archive of photos, videos, maps and documents designed to celebrate the city's heritage: this is the new initiative promoted by Coventry University in cooperation with Coventry City of Culture Trust, Culture Coventry and other partners.
Coventry Digital was set up to allow people with connections to Coventry to revisit and celebrate its past and update it with new assets, images and content. It also has the potential to allow augmented and virtual reality uses as its content and contributions develop.
So far, more than 12,000 items including photos, videos, maps and documents have been uploaded to the archive - featuring a wide range of Coventry's most unique and defining features from years gone by as well as more recent times.
The online archive represents a very performed tool to document Coventry history and it is good  that its launch proceded the  UK City of Culture celebrations which will start in May and will run for 12 months.
Coventry Atlas, which can be accessed through Coventry Digital, has also been developed to allow users to zoom into specific locations and see their unique, individual archives. As a funding partner of the project, Coventry Atlas has facilitated the digitisation of a vast range of images, assets and resources that have been made available through Coventry Digital, including an interactive map displaying wartime bomb damage to the city.
More information on the Coventry University website