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Co-creation interview series: here is the third!

How do you find out what's really important in a museum collection? RICHES partner Waag Society thinks about how museums can present their collections in innovative ways in order to benefit all interested audiences and communities. They experiment co-creation practices to start a dialogue with the public and come together to create great, new ideas.




With Waag, RICHES started an interview series where several museums and team members of the project are asked about their vision on co-creation within the heritage sector. This is the turn of Dick van Dijk, RICHES member and Waag's creative director.


Who are you and what do you do within the RICHES project?
My name is Dick van Dijk, creative director at Waag Society and responsible for the co-creation sessions in RICHES and the co-creation toolkit we're developing. This toolkit will support the policy advice that RICHES is giving to develop a strategic role for co-creative practice in the heritage domain.


What does the term “co-creation” mean to you, personally?
Empowerment. Participation. Going beyond conversations & words. Finding new routes. Fun.


Why is heritage important for our society?
It can help us understand things. Things that are important today. Maybe more important: it can inspire us. Using culture to create culture.


How could the implementation of new technology affect the heritage sector?
It can help us find new connections to new and existing audiences. Experimenting with new (storytelling) formats, more layers of stories, more voices.


What have you learned so far from the RICHES project?
Not new but: the importance of involving a diversity of stakeholders. It's important and fun, also tough, sometimes. Make sure the process from (creative) intervention to (institutional) transformation is owned by the institution.


Do you have any co-creation tips that you would like to share with others?
Make sure participants “find” each other: words can keep people apart; (creative) activities bring people together. Be a good host. Care for the participants.



Keep updated about the outcomes of the co-creation process on the dedicated section of the RICHES website!