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Export date: Sun May 19 7:59:20 2024 / +0000 GMT

CitizenHeritage presented at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin

CitizenHeritage will be presented at the online symposium Participatory Transcription Projects in Museums, Archives, Libraries - A Practical Exchange of Experience, by project partners Katerina Zourou and Mariana Ziku  (Web2Learn).The event is organized by the Museum of natural History in Berlin.The topic of the CitizenHeritage talk is "Transcribathons as citizen science projects: a comparative analysis of European initiatives", derived from the massive work done in the Citizen Heritage project for an inventory of participatory approaches in Cultural Heritage.The slides of the talk are available on Slideshare here.
About the symposium In recent years, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has initiated various digital and analog projects in which, with the help of participatory approaches, written materials and the like have been transcribed.With the help of participatory approaches, written material and similar materials from the Historical Research Unit and the museum's collection have been transcribed and made accessible.This workshop aims at entering into an open exchange with participatory projects of other museums, archives and libraries in the German-speaking countries and Europe, and to discuss the strategic set-up, implementation and further development of such projects.More about the symposium: