Digital meets Culture
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Citizen Science in Cultural Heritage: practices and digital technologies

Wedding dance, Litohoro, Olympus di Άγνωστος δημιουργός - 1979 - Greece - CC BY-NC-ND.

Athens, 29 May 2023

Hybrid event at the National Technical University of Athens Library and online

h. 14-17 CEST

The event organized by the National Technical University of Athens, explores good practices of citizen science in cultural heritage and the use of digital technologies in this context. It is an hybrid event organized in Athens and online.

As part of CitizenHeritage, this workshop will explore citizen science practices in cultural heritage, drawing from various successful case studies in the field and considering methodological aspects, the use of digital technologies, and lessons learnt in this context.

The event approaches the topic from a multidisciplinary perspective, featuring presenters with various expertise, from humanities and education to technical providers and computer science researchers.

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