CHNT17, Vienna conference of Cultural Heritage and New Technologies


by dr. Wolfgang Börner, Museen der Stadt Wien – Stadtarchäologie

Since 1996 the Conference has been an excellent platform for discussion, exchange and presentation. Conference participants come from many fields: archaeologists, cultural scientists, representatives of public authorities, institutions and universities, researchers and decision makers from various scientific disciplines. You will find the unique chance to bundle synergies in the field of “Protection of Cultural Heritage”, its documentation and preservation with the latest applications and methods. Up-to-date methods, questions of applicability and future changes are the focus of workshops, lectures and exhibitors.

Key data:

  • Participants: 200 – 300
  • Conference language: English
  • Countries: more than 25 worldwide each year (up to now participants from more than 80 countries worldwide has visited the conference)
  • Cooperation partners from inland and abroad
  • Publications: abstract-volume, proceedings as eBook, reviewed by the Scientific Committee

Last year we have started a five years conference cycle starting with Propsection. In 2013 our main topic will be “Correct documentation”, 2014 – Processing and 2015 – public releations.

The main topic of the 17th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, which took place from the 5th-7th November in the City Hall of Vienna, Austria was Urban Archaeology and Excavation.

More than 200 participants from 20 countries worldwide have travelled to Vienna.

  • 76 lectures
  • 3 Round Tables and HandsOnWorkshops
  • 28 Poster
  • 5 Videos
  • 5 exhibitors

This year’s conference focuses on “Urban Archaeology and Excavations (… to Reach and Unveil the Hidden Spirit of the Town)”, and logically continued the five-year conference cycle that started last year with “Prospection, Survey and Data Integration”. The programme in Vienna concentrated on “archaeological excavations”, and  explored the topic in its various aspects and from different perspectives. The participants had had the opportunity to discuss rescue excavations, burial archaeology, building archaeology, church excavations and 3D reconstructions – to mention only a few of the sub-topics.

The many heritage objects damaged and destroyed this year in the earthquake in northern Italy, but also in the armed conflicts in different countries of the Middle East and North Africa, have shown just how important it is to have well-documented building archaeology, 3D reconstructions and laser scan records, but also conventional photos and aerial photos. We need both traditional and new technologies to reconstruct and document irreplaceable cultural heritage objects.

For the first time, there was also be an event for the “Vienna Cultural Heritage and New Technologies Video Award“, organised by 7reasons Medien GmbH. We believe it is important for our conference to provide an overview of the different technologies available, and I do hope that the award will become a permanent part of the conference programme.

This year the  “Vienna Cultural Heritage and New Technologies Poster Award“ took place for the 4th time.

The next conference will take place from 11th  -13th November 2013 again in the City Hall of Vienna. – The main topic will be “Urban Archaeology and Correct Documentation”.

The start for sessions, round tables and workshops will start soon (deadline 20th January 2013) – we are searching for proposals (200-300 words).

The Call for papers, posters (5th Poster Award) and videos (2nd Video Award) will start in the middle of February 2013.

Stay tuned for CHNT18 at:

Contact: wolfgangboerner AT stadtarchaeologie DOT at






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