Digital meets Culture
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CHNT Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

… to Reach and Unveil the Hidden Spirit of the Town

The Museums of the City of Vienna - Urban Archaeology - organize a conference series with the following topics:

2011 … Prospection, Survey and Data Integration (proceedings available here)

2012 … Urban Archaeology and Excavation

2013 … Correct Documentation

2014 … Processing

2015 … Public Relations


Programme of 2012 edition:

Venue: Vienna City Hall – Wappensaalgruppe (Coat of Arms Halls), Austria – Vienna, Felderstraße 1,  Feststiege II

During this wide event, a dedicated session about 3D Reconstruction before, while and after Excavation took place on 6th and 7th November.

This session focused on best practice methods in 3D reconstruction of urban environments. Since 3D Reconstructions are usually done as post-excavation interpretation of excavated data, this session investigated the process of reconstruction to a larger time-frame. The following topics were the focus of debate:

• differentiating between archaeological evidence and reconstruction
• predicting areas of interests with reconstruction urban settlement patterns
• continued reconstruction while excavating
• updatingd and refining reconstructions with new evidence
• explaining the ideas, concepts and references used
• provide several plausible variations
• encode the level of “certainty” of the reconstructions
• creating specific digital models to interpretate the various exavation phases
• providing a multimedia dissemination of the exavation process
• providing a multimedia dissemination of the reconstructions