Carrozza’s Decree: Italian school little digital


eBook2The Italian School for the moment will be little digital, as we knew. Carrozza’s Decree actually annuls the acceleration given by Minister Francesco Profumo.

“The eBook represents a great revolution both for teaching and learning;  – had commented Maria Chiara Carrozza – I already planned  some national conferences about this theme…we have to discuss about contents, tools, new subjects”. Minister Carrozza had then specified: “The passage to digital has to be done well and with the greatest openness, we can’t impose an one-software”. So we still have to wait.

The Decree allows an allocation of € 400.000.000,00 for school, university and research. 15.000.000,00 are to spend immediately for wireless connection in the secondary school. 8.000.000,00 € are usable to support the buying of textbooks and e-Books, which will be given on a free loan to students in a hard economic condition.

eBookScanty e-Books diffusion in the Italian School then. Despite of that, in Italy the Italian digital readers number increases by 45,5%, as AIE (Publishers Italian Association) registered during the 6th Editech edition. The Italians’ 61,5% reads at least an e-Book.

In France, according to Christine de Mazières of the Publishers French Association, the e-Books readers tripled in the last year. Generally, today the Frenchs’ 15% are e-Books readers, versus the Italians’ 3,1%.

Andrea Angiolini, President of the AIE Digital Commission, comments: “Digital can be seen as a threat or an opportunity. Anyway, for publishers has become essential part of their work and we want to arrive ready to this date”.

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