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Call for Papers: Resilience of Heritage in Resilient Cities

CatturaAuthors of both theoretical or empirical research studies are invited to join the workshop devoted to the concept of resilience in general and connected to urban heritage in particular.
The idea of the workshop is rooted in the project which observes adaptation processes in historical perspective in the context of accelerating urbanisation, focuses on the new important phenomenon of cultural heritage and analyses the role of experts in managing our society in various regions.
the brainstorming will face issues such us:
How can we explore adaptation of cities through resilience?
How is it linked to sustainability?
To resistance?
How is resilience related to cultural heritage and cities? Is resilience limited to this perspective, or is there more?
Who can influence the process of making the city's heritage resilient?
Contributions built on various approaches and various understanding of adaptation of cities (urbanized societies), of resilient heritage and resilience of heritage are welcome.
Submission deadline: September 30th, 2018.
Organizers: Institute of Sociological Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, KREAS VP2WP3 “Adaptation in Historical Perspective” research team, and REACH project at the Institute of World History of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, the Czech division of the UNESCO–MOST Program.

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