Digital meets Culture
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Call for Papers open until 21 November for the GUIDE conference on distance learning

This conference will be jointly organized by Guide Association and University of Phoenix (Central Florida) and aims to promote discussions about the current status and next evolutions of distance learning. Particular attention will be given to the new pedagogical approaches to be used for the new digital generation, innovative emerging technologies and the keys for the successful improvement of a standardized quality system in e-learning.  A Call for Papers is currently open on the conference topics.

CALL FOR PAPERS open until 21st November 2016

Rethinking pedagogy for a digital generation

  • Flipped Classrooms, Blended learning and other active learning pedagogies

  • Case studies on gamification approach to optimize the learning process

  • New ideas on social networks to create collaborative learning

Emerging Technologies

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality enhanced learning

  • Next generation m-Learning and case studies

  • B.Y.O.D. philosophy in distance learning

  • Next generation multimedia products

Data Mining Strategies For E-Learning Organizations

  • Data-taking and analysis to increase distance learning quality

  • Opinions analysis and case studies

  • Innovative data mining methods in distance learning

Engaging and supporting faculty

  • Teacher training

  • Case studies in faculty support

  • Faculty development in blended and online learning

Creating communities in Distance Learning

  • Academic partnerships virtual collaborative success stories

  • Innovative practices and shared facilities

  • Case studies for the creation of communities of best practices