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C-DaRE Call for proposals - Digital Echoes 2018

Call for Proposals: Digital Echoes Symposium 2018 / Reflections off the Future

Date: 23 April 2018

As an acoustic phenomenon, an echo is a reflection of sound off a surface. The time it takes to reach this surface and return is proportional to the distance between the sound source and the surface.  For Digital Echoes 2018, we invite contributions that reflect off the surfaces of the future. As the question “Where are we now?” was the starting point for the Dance Fields symposium at Roehampton in April 2017, we propose for Digital Echoes 2018 to ask, “Where are we going?” Therefore, for Digital Echoes 2018 we ask you to let your imaginations run free, to dream up how this future echo might appear. It is up to you how far in the future you wish to travel, but just in case you get the impression this call is open for ‘anything', we provide the following list of keywords: collective choreography, other bodies, touch and stillness, new materialism, immersive experience, what remains, inclusivity, forgetting, dance in museums, annotation practice, dance valuation, rethinking archives, trauma and the somatic, screen bodies, collecting societies, ownership and intangible heritage.

For more information please read the full call (PDF, 542 Kb)

Also, please visit

DES16 Eline Kieft in Emilie Gallier's silent lecture. Credit: Koko Zin

DES16 Eline Kieft in Emilie Gallier's silent lecture. Credit: Koko Zin


Paper presentations are limited to 20 minutes. Proposals for roundtables, demonstrations and other non-standard presentations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

In your proposal please include the following:

  • Names of presenters and organisational/institutional affiliation(s)

  • Technical, space and duration requirements

  • Biography (max 100 words)

  • Title and type of submission (panel, poster, performance, etc.)

  • 500 word abstract/description

  • Bibliography (optional)

The extended deadline for submission of proposals is 15th February 2018.

Proposals should be emailed to


£10- CovUni Staff & Students

£20 - Unwaged or external student

£30 - Funded or full time employed

Venue details

Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE Building)

Coventry University




for more information visit

Organising committee: Prof. Scott deLahunta, Dr. Hetty Blades, Dr. Simon Ellis, Rosa Cisneros and Lily Hayward-Smith