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Export date: Sat Apr 20 23:04:19 2024 / +0000 GMT

Bibracte, a territorial interface for participatory research in the Morvan

On November 22, 23 and 24 2023, Bibracte, partner of the INCULTUM project, participated in the conference “Participatory research: knowledge and recognition” organised by the Université de Caen Normandie.

Bibracte took part in the roundtable ”Bringing participatory research to life” on the topic “Bibracte, a territorial interface for participatory research in the Morvan”. The  presentation focused on the pilot project led by Bibracte.

As part of their joint SAPS (Science Avec et Pour la Société: Science for and with Society) label project, the Université de Caen Normandie and Le Dôme (a centre for the promotion of scientific and technical culture) have chosen to focus on the development of participatory research programs, in which citizens, students and non-scientific audiences from all walks of life are invited to take part in different phases of scientific research programs with university teams. But what exactly is participatory research, in all its diversity? What kind of science, or knowledge, do they produce? What are their perhaps specific methods? How can we encourage the emergence of participatory research that addresses the concerns of a given population or territory, while respecting the specific methods and objectives of researchers? What impact can this type of research have on public and collective action?

This first conference on participatory research programs at the University of Caen aims to address these questions by bringing together researchers who study the phenomenon of participation in science, and researchers and actors involved in participatory research programs. For this first edition, the symposium proposes in particular to question the epistemological conceptions that underlie participatory research schemes.

The conference proceedings will be published in 2024.