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Barcelona Hackaton 2014: Augmented Reality Games

Within the Future Internet Content Initiative the i2CAT Foundation, with the collaboration of Computer Graphics Lab at ETH, Disney Research Zurich and Barcelona the Lab organised a one day hackathon to create Augmented Reality games.

Barcelona-hackatonA hackathon is an event for creative people to come together and build something for fun and to potentially win a prize! Sometimes the hacks can later evolve to something big, but mostly it's about having fun and creating something that you think is great! In this hackathon people were invited to develop and implement ideas, visions and concepts, related to Augmented Reality games.
The Augmented Reality Games Hackathon 2014  - follow up of the previous Augmented Reality Games Hackathon held in Zürich - started in the morning. At the end of the day participants had the opportunity to carry out a presentation of their applications and compete for one of three cash prizes. Barcelona's hackaton brought together a group of developers and creatives to create, in a funny way, augmented reality applications.

People were invited to participate in teams of 2 to 4 persons. The prize money was split among all team member.

Participants could participate in one or a combination of the four following challenges:

1. AR Toy / Tabletop game

Your game can be played on a table or on the floor, within the space normally used in games like monopoly, cards, children books, etc. The use of physical objects – like a game board, marker cards, etc – is allowed and encouraged.

2. AR Installation game

Your game is suitable for an installation at a venue (movie theater, shopping mall, etc.) and is played on a larger, but still contained area, such a booth or corner of a room. You can control the space, i.e. can install any kind of equipment necessary for the game to run.

3. AR City-wide game

Your game is played over a large area, and requires players to move over longer distances to be played. Here you don't have control over the space, and should also be concerned with security and legal issues (you cannot ask your players to trespass on private facilities/land!).

4. Serious / Educational AR game

Your game combines fun with usefulness, by helping education of children, training of adults, or any other socially useful activity.

Judging Criteria

During the hackathon were offered drinks and food to keep pace.



This activity took place within the framework of FIcontent and was supported and funded by the European Commission and the FI-PPP program.

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