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Export date: Fri Dec 8 5:59:14 2023 / +0000 GMT

BAMit! Buy, Sell and Discover Art

In July of this year Baxters International launched an exciting new app - BAM! a mobile and online market place for buying and selling art pieces from all over the world.  Conceived as a social enterprise, and born out of a desire to support and promote Global Art Entrepreneurs, the sole objective of BAM! is to bring artists to light enabling more and more of them to forge a sustainable career.

BAM! is a perfect platform for artistic individuals and students, both those already established in their field as well as those on the cusp of their careers; a tool to enable them to establish their brand, promote their works and grow and develop as creative innovators.

It's free and it's easy: in just a few simple steps artists can upload their work and start connecting with Art lovers around the world giving them access to a much wider audience and the potential opportunity to forge a sustainable career.

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