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Open data and open content

The European Commission is asking for help in drawing up guidance and practical advice for boosting the re-use of weather data, traffic data, publicly funded research data, statistics, digitize books and other types of public sector information (PSI). A recent study shows that economic benefits for the EU from easier avalaibility of PSI could reach 40 billion euros annually. Furthermore, Europe needs to push ahead with the creation, production and distribution (on all platforms) of digital content. Continue reading

Agorà of Polis comes back: Mobility, Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Building

The annual event organized by Polis (Polo di Innovazione delle Tecnologie per la Città Sostenibile – Innovation Pole of the Technologies for a Sustainable City) was held in the Engineering College of Siena’s University on the 26th – 27th September 2013. It has hosted two days of debate about the “Smart Specialization Strategy” general topic, structured on the three Polis themes MOBILITY, CULTURAL HERITAGE and SUSTAINABLE BUILDING. Continue reading

Peru: flying drones at the service of archeology

Very often archaeological sites are in remote and hard-reaching areas. Drones, frequently used for military purposes in inaccessible territories, are increasingly used for civilian purposes. In Peru, archaeologists more and more often make use of drones to speed up the survey works and protect the sites from squatters, builders and miners. Continue reading

VIEW, 14th International Computer Graphics Conference

The 14th VIEW Conference took place in Turin, from the 15th to the 18th October 2013. VIEW is the premier international event in Italy about Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX.
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Xth Annual International Event for Professionals in Cultural Heritage and Advanced Technologies

On the 12-13 November 2013, at the Jerusalem’s Van Leer Institute, is being held the Xth Annual International Event for Professionals in Cultural Heritage and Advanced Technologies. Scholars from all-over-the-world are invited to share their latest projects with the colleagues with a seven-minutes spot-light. Continue reading

Structure from Motion and Image-based Modeling.

Extracting a 3D dots cloud from an object pictures-set. Then importing this cloud in a whatever graphics program to elaborate the 3D model of the object. That’s what you can do by simply using the Structure from Motion and the Image-based Modeling. They are two open-source techniques, alternative to the much more expensive (and problematic) laser scanner. What do you need for using them? A simple digital camera and a laptop computer.
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From Computer Illustration to 3D Printing (and beyond)

Digital illustrations, pixel art, computer animation and 3D printing (just so, there are printers able to print objects, instead of simple paper images, but someone is already working on 4D printing and can you imagine? The 4th dimension is time!!). That’s Digital Art today. Continue reading