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Modern Street Art: when Unconventional Art encourage People

Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public, and many of the artists use social media (Facebook, Flickr) to maintain their fan base and to spread their art work further. In recent years, from being aggressive, street artists have mellowed down and a lot of them have taken the modern street art revolution to a more mature and humanist level, to encourage people to feel better about themselves every day. Continue reading

Editech – Editoria, Innovazione, Tecnologie

Book publishing today is a market where digital and traditional coexist, where borders and frontiers blur and at the same time defy each other. It is a world where the roles of readers, publishers, authors, distributors refuse to be rigidly … Continue reading

IPhone will bring you to discover Florence during Dante Alighieri’s era.

There are many ways to visit a city, and Florence, owing to its artistic richness, can be visited in many alternative tours. Concurrent to the performances of Roberto Benigni in Florence (Piazza Santa Croce), “TuttoDante”, 12 events during which the … Continue reading

Europeana Plenary 2012

“Connecting Society through Culture…the power of partnerships, open data and cutting edge technology”   The Europeana plenary aims to: inspire new ideas showcase  innovative approaches to digitised content connect people and concepts to help realise ideas You will have the … Continue reading

e-IRG Workshop

This e-IRG workshop will be organised under the Danish Presidency of the European Union in Copenhagen (Denmark), on Monday afternoon 11 June and Tuesday morning 12 June 2012. The workshop is co-hosted by the e-IRG Danish delegation, now the Danish … Continue reading

JCDL 2012, Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

The 2012 edition of this prestigious Conference was held June 10-14 in Washington, DC, hosted by The George Washington University, and it was as usual a very valuable international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and … Continue reading

Image & Research – 12th International Conference

“Image & Research”, a two-days meeting in Girona, is a good opportunity to be in contact with colleagues with different backgrounds but with a shared interest: the photographic and audiovisual documentation. The meeting, organized by Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) of the Girona City Council and the Association of Archivists of Catalonia, with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, is in progress… Continue reading

Pane e gelsomini – La rivoluzione tunisina

C/o CIRCOLO DI MONTEMAGNO località La Corte martedì 5 giugno ore 20,30 CENA PROFIT Pane e gelsomini – La rivoluzione tunisina L’incasso andrà a produrre l’evento che si terrà nei giorni 22-23-24 giugno presso le Logge dei Banchi a Pisa … Continue reading

10th edition of IMAGO’s Photographic Marathon

The PHOTOGRAPHIC MARATHON Imago Pisa takes place in Pisa and on-line. SATURDAY 26th MAY. From 9:00am to 9:00pm, 12 hours, 4 moments for 4 different THEMES to carry out. Please register at : Continue reading