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Are digital spaces the new graffiti walls?

Overnight the video had over 1 million views, and so the piece was likely to have been watched and shared by more people than if it had been created on a wall. As with many of Banksy’s graffiti pieces, the implicit message of this piece is not completely clear. Most newspapers have interpreted the piece as a satire of conflict in Syria. But… Continue reading

Harvard Museum’s Index Magazine goes digital

The Harvard Museum of Art recently announced the launch of a digital magazine, which will be a digitalised copy of its already existing Index magazine. The magazine, available on the internet at the Index magazine website, documents arts news and interviews with artists involved in projects that make up the three Harvard Museums. Continue reading

‘Station to Station’ takes multimedia arts projects on a journey through the USA

The multimedia and also inter-media elements of ‘Station to Station’ mean it’s unparalleled, as far as many digital festivals go, in aiming to combine different art events and aspects in one show. Continue reading

Digital portraits of famous sportsmen

Artist Bram Vanhaeren has recently created a series of portraits commemorating sports legends, such as Muhammad Ali and Serena Williams. The pieces are proud, digital works, which always require real expertise and talent to produce. Continue reading

Capturing the aging process through digital editing and video

Using digital technology to capture feelings, in this case aging, shows some of the wonderful capabilities of art using digital media. Cerniello shows the huge impact digital art is capable of making when artists decide to stop using new digital techniques to replicate traditional art forms, and move on to something new and different, that static art can’t do. Continue reading

‘Art & Algorithms’ Digital Art Festival

While other digital festivals concentrate more on using gallery spaces to present digital art, Art & Algorithms demonstrates how digital art can step away from the traditional presentation of art. As part of the festival a huge range of short films will be screened and the huge variety of countries the producers and directors of these films come from shows that this is truly an international festival. Continue reading

The first ever digital art auction

Digital art pieces to participate in the auction will be searched for on Tumblr in a huge range of digital formats, such as GIF, mp4 videos, digital photography, website design and software design. Continue reading

International Teletext Art Festival

While contemporary art searches for the newest developments in technology to make artistic possibilities a reality, the Teletext Art Festival insists that more and more people are becoming interested in teletext art for its retro feel, minimalism and simplistic digital requirements. Continue reading

dArtboard annual competition

The Vilcek Foundation dARTboard has called for participants of this year’s digital art competition from immigrants living in the United States. This initiative aims to support the contribution to contemporary art and technology that immigrants make to the United States’ creative community. Continue reading

Exhibition of the winning pieces of last year’s Asia Digital Art Award

The winners of the Asia Digital Art Award last year will now have their work displayed at the Asia Digital Art Award Bangkok 2013. The pieces displayed will include still works and moving 3D animation works, as well as an interactive area that uses Kinect motion sensors. Visitors will also benefit from the ability to manipulate still pieces using an iPad. Continue reading