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Plenty create an eco-friendy world for Volkswagen

Art direction and motion-graphics studio, Plenty, recently created five publicity videos for Volkswagen, advertising their new focus on eco-friendly vehicles. These adverts suggest that forward-thinking cars may be better represented through new, digital mediums, such as animation and graphic design. Continue reading

Artkick; streaming digital artwork for display

Will the possibility of changing artwork, through its digital format, become an attractive idea to art collectors? An innovative application available for Android and iPhone systems tries to give an answer to this question. Continue reading

‘Mind Mirror’ at the Copenhagen Re-New 2013 Digital Art Festival

‘Mind Mirror’ is a digital art installation that was recently showcased at the Copenhagen Re-New 2013 Digital Art Festival. Multimedia artists Albert Kim, Francesca Castelli and Yining Huang collaborated on the project, which creates a digital representation of a spectator’s face on a screen, using face tracking technology. Continue reading

Tate Britain launches new prize for digital art

by Lucia Ruggiero The IK Prize 2014 is a new award for digital artwork by Tate Britain, with the support of the Porter foundation. Named after the philanthropist, Irene Kreitman, the prize aims to award the contribution to digitised experiences … Continue reading

HoloDecks’ ‘augmented sound sculptures’

The HoloDecks project has recently created art pieces that combine sound and digital media, with the intention of visually representing audio. “Augmented sound sculpture” is the name they have given to these pieces, which were all designed using a custom-made application from openFrameworks. Continue reading

Pictoplasma Festival Berlin

by Lucia Ruggiero The Pictoplasma Festival has announced the line-up of the event in Berlin in 2014, which will mark its 10th anniversary. The festival will include conferences and art exhibitions from artists from all over the world, including the … Continue reading

Victor Enrich’s surreal urban landscapes

Focusing on urban landscapes this artist takes a particular structure, such as a whole building or staircase, and uses computer design software to alter the shape and angle at which the structure sits. The effect is a dreamlike photograph that disrupts our perception of physical space and gravity. These are not simply digitally created images, but an inventive use of digital graphics to alter real-life urban scenes. Continue reading

Laure Prouvost wins Turner Prize for video installation piece

Laure Prouvost has won the 2013 Turner Prize for her video installation “Wantee”, inspired by the German, 20th Century artist Kurt Schwitters, signaling a triumph for digital art in the contemporary art world as a whole. Continue reading

2013 Short Film Showcase breaks boundaries between advertising and digital art

Rather than digital art being taken in on its own, it is here put with TV ad-campaigns, which though are nothing new in terms of advertising, are now being considered ‘short films’ rather than just adverts. Continue reading

Arts Brookfield aims to ‘Set Art Free’

Art Set Free is a campaign that aims to put artwork into contact with the public without costs, via the platform of digital media. Arts Brookfield, the organiser of this project, brings many arts events to communities, based on the idea of the democratisation of culture. Contributions can be submitted by all members of the public years 18 and over, by using the hashtag “#artsetfree” and uploading the piece from a Facebook , Twitter or Instagram account. Continue reading