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Lan Lan’s stunning digital art using natural history collections

‘Subnature’ is a digital arts exhibition currently on show in London, which aims to highlight modern technological interventions into the natural world. British artist, Lan Lan, who studied Fine Art at UCL, has used digital manipulation techniques to create contemporary pieces out of images of natural, animal bones. Continue reading

Experts develop a way to verify the originality of digital artwork

Multimedia artist, Kevin McCoy, and entrepreneur, Anil Dash have discovered a new way of certifying that digital art is the work of one person, and an ‘original’ piece. The question of how to claim the authenticity or ownership of a digital piece has been part of the digital arts world for years, but now McCoy and Dash have found a way to help people verify the originality of a digital art piece, by using the same technology as Bitcoin, a digital currency. Continue reading

CalArts Expo is set to showcase innovations in technology and digital art

The California Institute of the Arts’ annual Digital Arts an Technology Expo, which is held on 8th May 2014, is set to showcase some of the most creative concepts for digital art this year. Many have cited the event as one of the best ways to gain access to upcoming trends in the digital world, due to the fact that the work showcased includes prototypes made by digital art students at the university. Continue reading

‘Charley Says’ animation remake with David Walliams voiceover

Comedian and ‘Little Britain’ actor David Walliams recently collaborated with Electricity Safety First, a UK charity that promotes awareness of the dangers of electricity, in order to revive a much-loved, UK cartoon from the 1970s and 80s. ‘Charley Says’ was an animated film series about a boy and his cat, which helped children understand how to use electricity safely. Continue reading

New digital photography and art festival in Texas opens

U.S. actor Kevin Page, well-know for his role in ‘Dallas’, is the co-founder of a new festival that celebrates digital art in Texas. The festival, PhotoTXcetera, will open this weekend, to showcase digital art and photography produced by Texan photographers, artists and “image innovators”. Continue reading

Andy Warhol digital art pieces recovered from floppy disks

Article by Lucia Ruggiero Digital artwork by Andy Warhol has been found on a floppy disk originating from 1985. The pieces found include a digital version of one of his most famous works, the Campbell Soup Can, as well as … Continue reading

Digital Display at Chicago Luxury Apartments

A large display of digital visual animation has been installed in the hallway of a building of luxury apartments in Chicago. The installation combines 2D and 3D animations, which are spread across 15 screens, with the intention of adding a unique aspect to the building’s modern architectural feel. Continue reading

Google announces winner of DevArt prize for digital art

The winning piece of the Google DevArt prize for “art made with code” has been announced. After receiving numerous contributions, some from well-known artists in the field of digital art, Cyril Diagne and Béatrice Lartigue have been selected as winners for their piece, ‘Metamorphosis of Mr Kalia’. Continue reading

The Fitchburg Museum creates digital catalogue of permanent collection

The Fitchburg Museum in Massachusetts has pledged to create digital access to all the pieces on permanent show in their exhibition space. The museum is home to over 4,000 art pieces and historical artefacts, which are all to be digitally catalogued onto a database, thanks not least to the support and dedication of the museum’s director, Nick Capasso, and the director of marketing and community relations, Eugene Finney. Continue reading

Canadian government offers funding to digital festivals in Montreal

The Canadian government has offered financial backing to two major digital arts events in Montreal. The two organisations that received funding are the Biennale internationale d’art numerique (BIAN), now in its second year, and the Elektra Festival, which is now in its 15th year. It has been reported that the funding will go towards concerts, exhibitions and other events related to the two festivals, with the special aim of attracting and enhancing collaboration with young people. Continue reading