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Art residencies in India promote contemporary artistic creation

Various art residencies in India are giving digital, new media and contemporary artists the opportunity to create original work away from the pressures of galleries and market relations. We could even see these art residencies, particularly those that work with digital media, as organic ‘hackathons’, as creatives get together to produce something new and innovative. Continue reading

A Digital Revolution comes to London’s Barbican

Digital Revolution is a series of art-projects and events lasting up until 14th September at the Barbican in London. The series of exhibitions also demonstrate to us how new media and digital technology have influenced and developed a wide range of art forms, including cinema. Continue reading

New digital media plays a crucial part of the Indonesian general elections

Digital art and social networks have played a key part in publicity and youth-mobilisation in the Indonesian general elections. Social media platforms, notably Twitter, have been crucial in appealing to voters under the age of 30. Last week an avatar campaign featuring… Continue reading

Previously unknown drawings found on the walls of Angkor using new digital methods

New technological methods have been used in the discovery of drawings, or ‘graffiti’, on the walls of the temple, Angkor, in Cambodia. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the 900-year-old temple, but we can suspect that digital enthusiasts and those interested in historical sites will have even more of a reason to visit the site after this new discovery. Continue reading

New Tate Britain digital arts campaign works in sync with the current weather and traffic

Tate Britain art gallery in London has launched a new campaign that displays digital art to passing traffic on the A4 road that connects London with Heathrow Airport.The digital displays can be seen on the Ocean’s Two Towers West screen, and the images change automatically according to the time of day, the weather and the incoming flights. Continue reading

‘Exploring the Media Boundaries’- an Asian and European collaboration

‘Exploring the Media Boundaries’, an art exhibition in Taiwan curated by Chien-Yu Huang, has been created to highlight the possible overlap between different digital media and technologies. Continue reading

‘Digital Latin America’ aims to show Latin potential for digital artistic creation

‘Digital Latin America’ is a multisite exhibition of digital art that aims to break with traditional stereotypes of the region as ‘backward’, especially in terms of technology and digital potential. The exhibition emerged as an idea from the Latin American Forum at the 2012 Eighteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art, which is sponsored by Albuquerque’s 516 ARTS. Continue reading

New digital art exhibition helps viewers to relax the mind

A group of digital artists from Newcastle University in the UK have developed a new digital exhibition, Eye Resonator, which aims to help viewers focus their minds, using visual displays and moving images. Continue reading

Tate Modern launches first ever ‘hackathon’ as part of new project, ‘The Space’

‘The Space’, a new digital arts project at London’s Tate Modern funded by the BBC and the Arts Council, has been launched with a vision of ““promot[ing] freedom of expression and the combination of art and technology”. The project, which united over 140 artists from all over the world. Continue reading

British Media Awards 2014 recognises the achievements of Tech Media

The award of ‘Content Team of the Year’ has been presented to the editorial team which works to produce Digital Arts, Mac World, Tech Advisor and PC Advisor. The award was presented to the team at the British Media Awards 2014, which recognises innovation and excellence in the media within the UK. The team, known as Tech Media, is one of the leading names in technology, events and research in the digital world. Continue reading