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Vincent Fournier’s ‘Post Natural History’ photography

“Synthetic biology might be a futuristic idea, but when photographer Vincent Fournier made it the theme for his new art project he looked to the past.” Continue reading

Timothy Simon’s visual campaign in Kenya

“Inspired by the upcoming Kenyan election, Timothy Simon created a 3D render that is simulated by the Kenyan National Anthem.

The animation was made using Cinema 4D and a sound effector, the ideology behind it was inspired by a tutorial observed made by Mr Nick Campbell. The three elements used are a sphere, pyramid and a platonic each with a colour from the Kenyan National Flag.” Continue reading

Oskar Fischinger exhibition

“In 1926, the German filmmaker Oskar Fischinger pioneered one of the first immersive multimedia performances using abstract films, creating dynamic new possibilities for cinema as an art form. This installation is a reconstruction of Fischinger’s performances from around 1926 by … Continue reading

Gerard Byrne: A state of neutral pleasure

“Renowned for his films installations which re-enact conversations from specific historic moments, Irish artist Gerard Byrne’s (b. 1969) work explores the way we understand the present through revisiting the past. Premiering in the UK is A man and a woman … Continue reading

Roeland Otten’s innovative urban camouflaging

“an art installation on the streets of Rotterdam that covers up urban eyesores with images of the architectural beauty which once existed”. These images are remarkably well integrated into the urban landscape so that they appear, from a 360 degree perspective, to be part of the other buildings and structures which surround them. Continue reading

Igor Corzh’s gif photography

The flickering, moving effect, added by turning the photographs into gif images, really brings them to life and shows that gif images can be used to create new, refreshing approaches to digital photography. Russian photographer, Igor Corzh, using photo manipulation, has created beautiful moving gif images of his own photographs taken on the streets of Morocco. Continue reading

Remarkable breakthrough in single pixel photography

“With some development experts say this method could provide a cheaper alternative to other photography equipment”. The 3D images are generated through the use of a modulated light source such as a laser and firing pulses of this light source at the speed of 10 nanoseconds. The light is then analysed by a computer software which creates a photographic image. Continue reading

Celine Artigau combines urban landscape photography with digital editing

Digital art and editing reveals its capability to combine the very real and everyday, through photography, with what lives inside our heads throughout our lives. It is the mixture of a conventional contemporary art form such as photography and a digital editing software which makes the work so unique. Continue reading

Frantz Boris Photography Exhibition for Kenako charity work

The photography exhibition is part of the project Kenako, based in Luxembourg, that supports children’s eduction in South Africa. Continue reading

New Zealand Digital Art Broadcasted in New York’s Times Square

The Chorus Fibre Network, which will transform internet speed in New Zealand starting from February 2013, presented an exhibition of digital art work from New Zealand’s student artists on the iconic screens of New York’s Times Square. This was in order to demonstrate the new localising effect fibre optic broadband will have in putting New Zealand in closer contact with the rest of the world. Continue reading