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Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival

Somerset House has just launched this year’s ‘Pick Me Up‘ exhibition in London, giving those interested in digital art and design the opportunity to buy art pieces at more affordable prices. This year the instalment includes interactive exhibitions using computer … Continue reading

The Google Art Project

The Google Art Project is a free online database which gives Internet browsers the opportunity to view art pieces from all over the world in a gallery-style collection. “It provides an interesting higher level of interactivity and personalisation to the experience of viewing an online art archive…” Continue reading

Michelle Willsmore’s ‘Despair Chair’

Australian artist Michelle Willsmore’s new piece ‘Despair Chair’ was created using a Nokia- N8-00 mobile phone. It is just another example of how new mobile phones are influencing and developing digital art production. In the post production process the artist converted the image into black and white and adjusted the image using the contrast and brightness settings. Michelle is an independent visual artist based in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia since 2006. Continue reading

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” by art duo The London Police

Amsterdam based art duo, The London Police, show cast their new artwork which mixes digital editing, photography, printing and canvas pieces. The StolenSpace Gallery says: “For inspiration, TLP have leaned on the memories of their athletic exploits growing up: The … Continue reading

‘Jellyfish Eyes’

The first animated feature film by renowned Japanese artist of the 90s, Takashi Murakami debuted in L.A’s County Review of Art on Tuesday. “Though a children’s film that mixes live action with CG animated characters, Jellyfish Eyes is deeply personal to Takashi Murakami, and may serve as an introduction to his artwork. The movie tells the story of Masashi, a young boy living in a post-Fukushima world who moves to a mysterious town where children battle remote-controlled pets called “Friends.” Continue reading

“Sensorium” project at York University, Toronto

Sensorium is an ambitious new research cluster based in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University that supports cross-disciplinary work in application and content creation, artistic and scientific inquiry, policy development and critical discourse in digital media arts. A catalyst for new ideas and development, linking creative expertise, supporting cross-disciplinary and collaborative research, and fostering community and industry partnerships in the field of digital media arts. Continue reading

Digital art project ´DI-EGY´in Cairo

A new digital art project connecting the British Council and the Gezira Art Centre has been launched in Cairo, Egypt, entitled “DI-EGY Festival´. By presenting digital art pioneers in Egypt and exchanging experience with experts from many countries, young artists will gain an awareness of how to shift or digitalize their art practices. Continue reading

Hussein Chalayan’s “Place to Passage” in Madrid

While the designer Hussein Chalayan is known for his conceptual and experimental approach to fashion, this video piece takes his artistic abilities to a whole new level. Continue reading

Collection of short animation films

“RECON Digital also closed investment and as part of their growth plan took on 6 apprentices for a 9 month apprenticeship that would culminate in the production of a body of work for the young animators” Continue reading

Kudzanai Chiurai’s artwork

The Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai uses a mixture of digital photography, editing and printing in the creation of these posters which make a powerful, political and social statement about conflict and violence. Continue reading