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Google Maps launches a better experience for users

It was revealed that a new, updated version of Google Maps will be made available to mobile and tablet users in the summer, and will include much higher quality images and even 3D tours. Continue reading

The Pirate Cinema

This art exhibition is shows a fresh take on exploring internet activity and applying it to digital art, whether the activity be legal or illegal. Continue reading

TEN collection by Fotolia

The TEN collection by Fotolia is a collection of digital art. The project hints at a new, wider market for digital artwork through the targeting of internet downloaders.The project began in 2011 with the idea of making 10 pieces of digital artwork from 10 different countries available in 10 months. Continue reading

Nike’s interactive digital art installation

The art installation “The Art + Science of Natural Motion” uses Microsoft Kinect technology in order to mimic and react to human bodies interacting with the digital screen, which copies the human movement and displays it in brightly coloured light patterns on the screen. Continue reading

Hipix makes art books available digitally in high quality

HM hipix (c) has enabled art books to be made available in ebook format for the first time, in high quality that exceeds 100 megapixels in a new application called the Hipix Artistbook Application. The first art book to be shared using the new application is the work of contemporary photographer, Angelika Sher. Continue reading

Glamour Magazine’s first ever digital art director

Digital art roles are being offered more and more in the press and big-name magazines. Reflects effort to reach digital natives Continue reading

Data scientists now use digital art to humanise data

Digital art is now being used to humanise scientific data in over a number of fields. As IBM’s Alah Keahey put it during a panel, “there is a hunger for friendly data,” and visualization can help to humanize those threatening terabytes. Continue reading

CyArk Project: digitally preserving and sharing the World’s Cultural Heritage

Unlike cultural artifacts safely housed in museums, cultural heritage sites are constantly at-risk. They are exposed to the daily effects of the natural environment. Using 3D laser imaging, the CyArk project is currently in the process of compiling a database of historical structures from all over the world, with the mission of creating a 3D digital library. Continue reading

Julie Garner wins the Digital Art Guild award

“Halls of Justice” was exhibited at the San Diego Art Institute’s 52nd International Exhibit which features a huge variety of contemporary artwork. Continue reading

(c) Gentleman Scholar
Gentleman Scholar artists’ QF Radio campaign ‘Anthem’

Gentlemen Scholar are a group of artists with a studio based in Los Angeles. A group of solution driven artists situated at the intersection of story, style and technology. Gentleman Scholar describes the spot, Anthem, as at once an exercise in motion control, a stirring visual representation of radio, and a tribute to the distinct cultural elements of Qatar that the station covers. Continue reading