Augmented Reality exhibition explores a rare eye disorder through ‘Fractured Visions’


Article by Lucia Ruggiero

thielAmerican media artist Tamiko Thiel will launch a new exhibition this September entitled ‘Fractured Visions’, which uses Augmented Reality and smartphones to explore alternate ways of viewing reality.

Made in collaboration with psychiatrist and clinical lecturer Dominic Ffytche, the exhibition explores how the brain and its perception of the world shapes reality according to the viewer, by focussing on a rare visual disorder called Palinopsia. This disorder causes objects in the line of vision of the subject to fragment and repeat.

At the exhibition, when the images are viewed through a smartphone or tablet they appear to fracture and repeat, imitating the visual experience of possessing the Palinopsia eye condition. The exhibition is intended to provide an emotional visual experience for viewers, encouraging them to question how others see the same world.

tamiko.jpgThiel’s conceptualisation of her new piece draws attention to the use of Augmented Reality to explore themes of vision and perspective: “One of the ways in which art enriches our lives is by showing us new ways to look at our everyday world. This project combines two rich traditions of modern art: drawing on scientific and technical advancements that extend our physical senses, and looking at symptoms of visual disorders like Palinopsia that provoked much of the “outsider art” that inspired earlier artists like Dubuffet.”

image_gallery-650x384.png‘Fractured Visions’ is available for viewing from 25th September till 30th October at The Shard and the Guy’s campus of King’s College in London.

(Photos: ©Tamiko Thiel 2014).

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