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Arts Brookfield aims to 'Set Art Free'

by Lucia Ruggiero

Art Set Free is a campaign that aims to put artwork into contact with the public without costs, via the platform of digital media. Arts Brookfield, the organiser of this project, brings many arts events to communities, based on the idea of the democratisation of culture.

Every year they bring many art forms to the streets of New York, L.A and Syndey, Australia, to name but a few. These events include concerts, theatre performances, sculptures, exhibition, live art using real people and costumes, food festivals, and now, the digital display of art. Art Set Free is a digital showcase that marks the 25th anniversary of Arts Brookfield. Contributions can be submitted by all members of the public years 18 and over, by using the hashtag “#ArtSetFree” and uploading the piece from a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. We are now seeing, more than ever, the uptake of digital media networks, to circulate, commission, display and promote artwork as part of arts and commercial campaigns. This year, social networks were even used to  sell artwork as part of the first ever “digital art auction” ‘Paddles On' and Diesel used them to commission pieces for their new campaign, ‘Reboot'.

The "Best of Art Set Free" digital installation at Brookfield Place Winter Garden in New York

The "Best of Art Set Free" digital installation at Brookfield Place Winter Garden in New York

While these two, prior examples show the use of social networks in marketing for profit, significantly Art Set Free builds from the ability of the internet to increase the world's direct contact with art, while building a larger network of artists and creators internationally. On the website, the pieces are uploaded in real time, and include artwork using sound, audio, video, photography, and performances, allowing for true freedom in genre and form. A compiled video of all the pieces is available online.

As well as the fact that the work will be displayed on the internet, Arts Brookfield have taken artistic contributions and compiled them onto huge digital screens, which can be viewed inside the Brookfield buildings of Denver, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Toronto and Perth and Sydney in Australia. In the midst of many companies that choose from a heap of aspiring artists on the Internet to promote and market commercial products, Art Set Free is a campaign that shows a genuine interest in giving larger audiences access to art globally.

The best of #ArtSetFree:


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