Digital meets Culture
Export date: Sun Sep 19 8:49:03 2021 / +0000 GMT




ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0, the 6th International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation, will analize both the present and future of documentation, reconstruction and computer aided render techniques, applied to archaeological heritage and culture. The main aim is to offer an updated overview about the Archaeology of XXI Century: research and development on virtual archaeology, performed and planned projects, new render techniques, development of innovative methods and procedures. This event is being organised by the Spanish Society of Virtual Archaeology (SEAV) and Virtual Archaeology International Network (INNOVA).

Participants from any discipline are encouraged to contribute in order to create an open forum for knowledge exchange and a fertile environment for discussion relating to the topic of Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation.

Researchers or practitioners are invited to submit papers on original work from within archaeology although contributions are particularly encouraged from other disciplines which address and inform key issues in the context of the following sub-themes:

  • Virtual reconstruction or virtual anastilosys of archaeological heritage

  • Virtual and augmented reality applied to Archaeology

  • 3D digitalization of archaeological & cultural heritage

  • CAD tools on virtual Archaeology

  • Render techniques

  • Archaeological prospection and visualization

  • Applied theory of virtual archaeology

  • Virtual Archaeology and museums.

  • Virtual museums


For more information download the brochure or visit the event website.