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Export date: Thu Jun 20 2:47:42 2024 / +0000 GMT

ARCH’s CEN Workshop Agreement for Resilience Management: open for Comments

ARCH project, together with several other organisations, has developed a draft CEN Workshop Agreement, CWA 17727 on a "Disaster Risk Management / Climate Change Adaptation Framework for historic areas".

The draft , to which more than 40 stakeholders contributed, defines an integrated approach that combines disaster risk management and climate change adaptation activities for historic areas in communities.

The CEN Workshop Agreement is based on the ARCH Disaster Risk Management Framework for historic areas that takes climate change adaptation, heritage management, and social justice into account.

It includes step-by-step process to manage disasters, and to perform and monitor resilience-building activities and also guides readers in characterising historic areas, as well as their exposure to natural and climate change-induced hazards.

A wide variety of actors are asked to submit their comments: community/historic area decision makers, technical staff, all those who work on risk and vulnerability assessment, climate change adaptation and resilience enhancement as well as heritage managers, public administrators, sustainability and resilience officers, civil society associations, academic and research institutions.

The CEN Workshop Agreement is open for comments until 25 March and, in order to provide more information and deepen the arguments of the draft, a webinar will be held on March 17 to give a quick introduction to the document and gather feedback from interested stakeholders.

More information are available at here.

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