Digital meets Culture
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Archiving 2020

Join an international community of technical experts, managers, practitioners, and academics from cultural heritage institutions, universities, and commercial enterprises, to explore and discuss the digitization, preservation, and access of 
2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, and audio-visual materials, including documents, photographs, books, paintings, videos, and born digital works.


Call for papers available HERE

archiving 2020

Program Topics


  • New developments in digitization technologies and workflows

  • Advanced imaging techniques and image processing, e.g., multispectral imaging, 3D imaging

  • Large scale/mass digitization and workflow management systems

  • Quality assurance and control 
of digitization workflow, e.g., targets, software, automation, integration

Preservation / Archiving

  • Formats, specifications, 
and systems

  • Management of metadata

  • Standards and guidelines

  • Archival models and workflows

Access of 2D, 3D, and AV materials

  • Dissemination and use of digitized 
materials, e.g., rights management, crowdsourcing, data mining, data visualizations

  • Formats for preservation and access

  • Deep learning algorithms to improve search results; AI, machine learning, etc.

  • Open access and open data strategies

  • Integration of linked open [usable] data (LOD/LOUD)/Open source solutions/APIs (automated programming interface, e.g., IIIFs)

Management and Partnerships

  • Policies, strategies, plans, and risk management; repository assessment

  • Business and cost models

  • Collaborations and partnership best practices/lessons learned/case studies