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AppHub PlugFest in Berlin

Fraunhofer FOKUS 06/2014AppHub Software Quality Workshop, June 13, 2016, Berlin

Target to project coordinators who will learn to implement open source project management best practices. They will allow the market to find and to deploy their software more rapidly.


AppHub Software Appliances Workshop, June 14, 2016, Berlin

Target to project technical leaders who will learn to improve the quality and the interoperability of open source software. Through the AppHub Factory, they will generate software appliances for physical, virtual and cloud environments.


Where and When

Both workshops will take place in Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin office:

Fraunhofer FOKUS
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
Berlin, Germany

The AppHub workshops registration is now OPEN. Please, check the detailed AppHub Plugfest agenda and register at


AppHub Workshops objectives

The main objective of the AppHub Workshops is to assist European open source project to bring their software into the AppHub European Open Source Marketplace. In addition, we like to understand the current state of open source software as developed by EU funded projects, and how we can assist them to improve their quality assurance and governance processes.


Participants contribution

  • Please do not prepare slides! We like participants to engage in an open dialogue about the challenges, problem, and success stories on open source software development.

  • Please prepare a short statement about: your project in general, and the software you are developing under an open source license; the group of users that you address with your software; the measures that you employ in order to ensure that you deliver quality software; the way you manage your community of contributors and users; the expectations that you have on our workshop.

  • Bring Your Own Software! If you have executables and an installation procedure ready we can immediately assist to bring your software into the AppHub Open Source Marketplace. We will organize hands-on session on the AppHub platform and OSCAR (Open-source Software Capability Assessment Radar) by OW2.


AppHub_logo_taglineAbout AppHub

Open source software is the generic name for both a legal construct to share intellectual property and an approach to cooperative software development. While this approach has demonstrated its ability to produce world-class software, the potential benefts and efciencies of open source are not, however, always achieved, indeed, far from it. Publishing code is not enough to develop a community of developers and only a minority of open source projects actually make it to stardom. This is certainly why open source remains a challenge for many IT professionals who still prefer to see the downside of open source. The aim of the AppHub project is to support the market outreach strategies of EU-supported open source by launching AppHub, the European open source marketplace. AppHub is a service platform that will help the market to seamlessly identify, position and implement the software outcomes of these projects.