Digital meets Culture
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.... and the winner is.... (E-Space incubated projects)

One of the key objectives of Europeana Space is to help creative industries to leverage on digital cultural content for creating new products and services - thus creating new businesses and job positions.

To do so, a series of 6 E-Space Hackathons selected 3 innovative projects each, which went through another round of selection during a series of Business Modelling Workshops. Key selection criteria was the business potential of the idea, or product, or service proposed in the chosen projects.

happy participants at the TV hackathon

happy participants at the TV hackathon

Now these are the names of projects currently supported by E-Space project in a in intensive business and incubation period, at the end of which they will be ready to take the challenge in the real market:

WeMakeKnown:  an application to experience our cultural heritage empowering both  audience and experts (from the TV hackathon in Amsterdam)

Nous: a platform utilizing new BCI and EEG technologies to understand how users subconsciously react and perceive art works as a method for institutes to change their curation and exhibition (online and offline) work processes (from the Dance hackathon in Prague) to create a best-of-breed book in browser format - the digital reading environment in which a user can read, learn, play and explore (from the Open and Hybrid Publishing hackathon in Athens)

Spiced App: creating a unique tone of voice to attract young, urban female professionals (from the Museums hackathon in Venice)

PostArt: a new app developed by the Proverb team to make collecting and sending museum postcards easy (from the Museums hackathon in Venice too)

StoryPix: a web-based storytelling service for billboards users can interact with (from the Photography hackathon in Leuven)

Picasso's Cat: a fun reimagining of art history through cat pics (from the Photography hackathon in Leuven too).

busy participants at the Open and Hybrid Publishing hackathon

busy participants at the Open and Hybrid Publishing hackathon

These incubated projects will be celebrated during the upcoming E-Space third international conference in Berlin (21-22 November 2016) and will be on hand to meet and talk and to showcase their products.