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Agua for the Earth at EXPO Venice

Agua for the Earth, Irene Pivetti, Tinggui Chen, Giuseppe Mattiazzo AD Expo Venice, Yuan Qi Min, pres.First ItalyOn 15 July 2015, at EXPO Venice, a press conference was held for the world launch of Agua for the Earth, social responsibility campaign promoted by the Chinese leading-edge cosmetic multinational Wetherm in collaboration with Only Italia, Italian platform for investment and endorsement of Italian firms abroad, chaired by Irene Pivetti, who is attending both EXPO Venice and EXPO Milan 2015.

Agua for the Earth, global campaign conceived to make internet users think about water as necessity to preserve and protect, in China reached already 100.000.000 people. Italy and EXPO 2015, thanks to the collaboration with Only Italia, represent to Wetherm an opportunity for global visibility. After years of whirlwind industrial and social development, enacted without taking into account the ecology themes, this is the first time such a high-dimensioned Chinese firm takes overseas a so significant ecological effort.

Irene Pivetti e Tinggui Chen, president of Wetherm

Irene Pivetti e Tinggui Chen, president of Wetherm

Other important topic of the conference was the introduction of an ambitious cultural project: the Digital Cultural Heritage School (DiCultHer), networked school grouping together over 50 high technical institutes, cultural institutions, public and private associations and enterprises, united by the common objective to generate a “scattered campus” for the development of digital culture, a discipline more and more indispensable to professionals committed to preserving our cultural heritage.
Furthermore, Only Italia and DiCultHer presented their catalogue of cultural events being held in the Only Italia pavilion at EXPO Milan and EXPO Venice Aquae. The strategical cooperation between the two organisations aims to promote «culture as fundamental asset for development and international relations» Carmine Marinucci, DiCultHer coordinator explains.
The event concluded with the presentation of the project for a Week of Digital Culture, conceived to promote digital technological innovation in Cultural Heritage, Arts and Humanities. Addressed towards the wider public and in particular to the school environment, this first edition of the project will be focused on the EXPO themes to «spread the essential role of water and of navigating seas and oceans, as metaphor of knowledge and cultural growth, which involves the passage from the analogue to the digital cultural era».

Irene Pivetti, who strongly fostered the synergy of Only Italia with Wetherm and DiCultHer, said to be «certain that culture, business, social commitment and respect for the environment do not conflict, but are rather pillars for a future of more and more close and fruitful relations among countries that work on building bridges, instead of barriers».

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