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Export date: Sun Jul 14 6:43:22 2024 / +0000 GMT

Adobe steps up on standards adoption

complianceThe November 2017 updates for Acrobat DC, now available from Adobe, include some significant news for those who pay attention to ISO standards-adoption.

This release, 18.xx for those on the “Continuous” track, includes the following, among other improvements:

Accessibility: Adobe advances their tool-set to make it easier to remediate tables to ensure they are tagged in accordance with PDF/UA.

PDF/A and veraPDF: In their release notes, Adobe states: “veraPDF is a European Union (EU) project that was executed under the lead of the PDF Association. veraPDF is a purpose-built, open source, file-format validator covering all PDF/A parts and conformance levels. Now, Acrobat preflight tools can find and report issues that are not compatible with the veraPDF tests.”

For those interested, more information about veraPDF and the veraPDF test suite.

PDF 2.0: Adobe has announced that Acrobat and Reader can now open and process PDF files that claim conformance with ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0), the current version of the PDF specification.

Additionally, Acrobat will now retain files as PDF 2.0 when saving, except when downgrading to older versions of PDF is specifically requested by the user.