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Acting on change: new approaches and future practices in digital preservation

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Preserving digital objects and ensuring their access, use and reuse over the long-term within a rapidly changing digital environment have become increasing priority for many organisations and sectors in recent decades. The impact of change, be it technological, semantic or cultural, has demanded research to develop solutions that are fit for a range of different preservation environments and practices.

This conference will consider the importance of understanding digital objects in relation to their associated dependencies and context for preservation. During the conference we will look at how modelling might help us to understand the digital object and associated dependencies within its environment, and how this could support decision-making to lessen or countermand the impacts of change. Risk analysis and the use of models will also be explored, as tools that can support practitioners in anticipating the consequences of decisions and policies on digital preservation.


The conference

PERICLES, a FP7 EU funded research project has been developing an approach that addresses both the active life of digital objects and the impact of change on our ability to preserve digital objects and data. The project consortium invites you to join us for this conference and accompanying workshops to discuss the approaches and solutions proposed by PERICLES and like-minded projects and initiatives. The conference aims to acknowledge different perspectives, contexts and practices.

The conference is aimed at those working to develop digital preservation policy, strategy and procedures; establish digital preservation infrastructures and workflows; systems developers, providers and procurers; and those interested in seeing the systems and tools developed that reflect their needs and environment.

The conference will take place on two consecutive days, 30 November and 1 December 2016, with a range of panel discussions and workshops addressing the main topics and themes of the conference.




The event is carried out in association with the DPC Awards 2016, which will take place on the evening of 30 November.