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About Hendra Aditya Kurniawan from Jakarta

Father of a boy, Evan, and a girl, Vania, Hendra Aditya Kurniawan had an early career in banking.
Always in search of innovation and new inspiration, he made the most of his MBA degree and Computer Science background starting his own business, together with the wife., specialised in photography for digital marketing, now focuses on Cinemagraphs, 360 Panoramic Photography and Responsive Web Design.
«My passion – Hendra tells – and my ambition has always been to be an early adopter and innovator in photography & technology. I aim to enable my clients to take advantage of the digital marketing and stay ahead of their competitors.

I find cinemagraph a very catchy innovation: not complex from a technological point of view, it is a middle way between photo and video, between motion and stillness. Furthermore, it adapts very well to websites, social media and digital displays.
In creating cinemagraphs, I draw inspiration from combining still and moving elements: something I can't find in common photos and videos. This is what I love most of cinemagraph. I moreover like being able to develop my time-lapse and 360 panoramic photos in the cinemagraph format.

Each time I prepare my gear, choose the subject and predict the motion before shooting. And imagine what motion and loop will turn out to be in my cinemagraph. This is very useful, in the after shooting work, for getting the most natural and smooth possible loop and motion ».

Hendra is an early adopter and a contributor of Flixel: a powerful app to create cinemagraphs fast and easy and a user-friendly delivery system to share and stream cinemagraphs.

Hendra's profile is featured on, innovative platform dedicated to the commercial potential of motion images and devoted to promoting the brilliant artists who create them.

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