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A new way to connect cultures and people: The Nomad Creative Projects


The Nomad Creative Projects is a cultural international initiative with the aim to develop
cross-cultural links around the world and showcase projects meeting and sharing
experience with foreign cultural actors, thinking on actual topics related to the concept
of culture and the presentation of new trends in the field of arts.

It wants to accelerate, catalyse, connect and communicate civil society initiatives in arts
and culture rethinking and building the world as an open, inclusive and democratic space.
The vision of the Nomad Creative Projects is to offer a platform on which artists and
creative cities have the opportunity to present itself in press article, photos and short
videos accessible to all audiences.

The project , started in July 2017,has been designed by a Séverine Grosjean, a brilliant
French freelance cultural journalist , that after several international experiences, decided
to embark and write on new strategies, policies and initiatives aimed at making culture
and creativity a driving force for sustainable development and urban regeneration.
For further information about the Nomad Creative Projects:
facebook (The Nomad Creative Projects)
Instagram (@nomad_creative_projects)